Removing the burden of labour-intensive initial screening


The impact of coronavirus on GP services

September 21, 2020
Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on healthcare systems across the globe. UK general practice has survived, in part due to the widespread adoption of technology at breakneck speed. The prospect of overwhelming demand due to the coronavirus saw NHS England introduce Total Triage; guidance that urged GPs to use online and phone consultations to triage patients, and to undertake all care that could be done remotely through remote means. Herculean efforts from p...

Moving beyond total triage to manage practice demands

September 2, 2020
The continued use of total triage has been cautiously welcomed by most, but there are questions over how it can help address the workload challenge facing general practice. A recent Best Practice UK webinar looked at how one practice was using Klinik’s Total Triage System to address workforce issues by supporting a Whole System Triage™ approach. Covid-19 forced the pace of digitisation in primary care, with total triage introduced within a few weeks. Its...

Rony Lindell: At the forefront of AI in primary care

June 10, 2020
Artificial intelligence (AI) is gathering ground in primary care in the UK. It can be a crucial tool for primary care as it looks to manage growing demand with limited resources. It is already widely used in the healthcare industry; for diagnostics, triage and analysis, for example. The increasing digitisation of primary care means that its use will become ever more widespread. For it to be useful, and as the Royal College of General Practitioners not...

Online triage specialists Klinik target UK growth with clinician CEO

June 4, 2020
Cutting-edge AI triage provider Klinik Healthcare Solutions has appointed chief medical officer and former GP Petteri Hirvonen as its new chief executive officer (CEO), as it looks to accelerate growth in the UK and global markets. Hirvonen will help the Finnish health tech company, which works with more than 50 surgeries across the UK, to meet the complex needs of healthcare providers, its staff, and their patients, by drawing on his experience in clini...
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“Klinik’s high level of responsiveness is not something we see often in from tech companies engaging with primary care providers.”
Dr Thomas Patel-Campbell, GP Partner
Haxby Group
“This new service will make life easier for patients as they will only have to tell us what their problem is once and be treated or advised in the most appropriate way.”
Dr Matthew Bramley, GP Partner
The Mount View Practice
"With the Klinik online consultation service, we can now get the correct patient to the correct point of care in the most efficient way."
Dr Thomas Patel-Campbell, GP Partner
Haxby Group
“In many instances, patients felt we were a barrier to their GP. Now, we can explain this new solution will put their care needs first, rather than simply working on a first come first served basis.”
Kelly Butterfield, Reception Manager
Haxby Group