Benefits for both the patients and professionals

The right care at the right time

Klinik is an online triage software that directs patients to the right point of care in a timely, cost-effective way. Klinik is not only able to help GP practices provide improved access to healthcare and more effective processes to professionals but also to redefine and reform how patient flow is managed.

We simplify access to healthcare for the public and enable healthcare professionals to allocate resources more efficiently, making it possible to provide a better service, for less.

Safe & intelligent patient access

Patients can contact their GP practice online whenever and wherever they want. Medically validated AI ensures that patients are safely navigated to the right point of care. Automatic 24/7 urgency prioritisation ensures patients are directed to the essential care they need.

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You can start treatment work immediately

Our medical AI engine seamlessly integrates into existing healthcare processes. It can identify a primary health issue, recognise its urgency and direct the patient to the right point of care in a timely, cost-effective way. It also provides important background information for healthcare professionals and enables proactive interaction with the patient immediately.

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Efficient resource allocation

Klinik saves time and enables GP practices to reallocate resources that might be redeployed to support increased appointment duration for highest need patients or complex cases. Our finely tuned online triage software streamlines access to healthcare and enables GP Practices to provide better healthcare for less.

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Enhanced customer experience

Dramatically improved patient experience - 90% of patients rate the service good or excellent. Intuitive, easy to use service that ensures the patient is directed to the right point of care at the right time.

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Klinik Access Delivers

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Cutting Edge AI

Klinik Medical AI engine automatically recognises over 1000 symptoms and conditions including mental health and complex paediatric conditions.

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Happy Staff

Klinik reduces the burden on frontline staff, giving them the opportunity to review patient cases in an environment of calm and low stress. This significantly improves job satisfaction and reduces staff turnover.

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Ongoing Support

Our dedicated customer success team and tech support ensure the implementation and clinical engagement will succeed. We organize workshops, training sessions and regular follow-ups.

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Reducing Call Volume

We actively support the channel shift to patients using online service. This frees up the phone lines for those who either do not have access or are unable to use online solutions.

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Complete Process

Our platforms manage all incoming demand through our whole system triage solution. This total triage platform can handle clinical and non-clinical enquiries coming through online, through telephone triage and walk-ins.

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Positive Patient Engagement

We have a comprehensive marketing package to help patient engagement and rapidly drive up online service user numbers. Patient feedback is automatically gathered and organised into a comprehensive format.

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Clinical Safety

Our medically supervised AI provides consistency of symptom reporting & patient routing. Being a cloud-based CE marked medical device, we constantly monitor the performance and stability.

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Klinik rapidly and safely stratifies patients, based on granular symptom information taken direct from the patient. A pre-analysed summary is instantenously redirected to the appropriate service.

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24/7 Access

Patients can contact their GP online whenever and wherever they want. Automatic 24/7 urgency prioritisation ensures that those who need care first are dealt with first.

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Through live and historical dashboards, we present all inbound data; from frequent users to epidemiological information. This enables better resource planning and population health management.

“Klinik’s high level of responsiveness is not something we see often in from tech companies engaging with primary care providers.”
Dr Thomas Patel-Campbell, GP Partner
Haxby Group
“This new service will make life easier for patients as they will only have to tell us what their problem is once and be treated or advised in the most appropriate way.”
Dr Matthew Bramley, GP Partner
The Mount View Practice
"With the Klinik online consultation service, we can now get the correct patient to the correct point of care in the most efficient way."
Dr Thomas Patel-Campbell, GP Partner
Haxby Group
“In many instances, patients felt we were a barrier to their GP. Now, we can explain this new solution will put their care needs first, rather than simply working on a first come first served basis.”
Kelly Butterfield, Reception Manager
Haxby Group